What is the difference between the Raja L-30 and the Raja Lite Ecopack L-30?

The Raja L-30 is also available as Raja Lite Ecopack L-30. This variant of the Raja family is a minimized version of the Raja L-30 with fewer features. For example, the chest strap, the elaborate back padding with the external laptop compartment, the elaborately padded carrier system and the lining of the pockets and handles have been omitted. With these changes, we were able to save many steps and reduce the price by about 50%. This makes the Raja Lite Ecopack lighter on your back, lighter on the environment, and also lighter on your wallet. If you often want to load your backpack heavily (+ 10kg) and ride every day with the backpack on the bike, we recommend the Raja L-30. The large back pad and the ergonomic carrier system with the chest strap distribute the load optimally.


Wieso macht ihr keinen Sale oder Aktionstage wie den Black Friday mit?

Im Sommer 2022 haben wir ein großes Ethnotek-Sortiment mit einer beachtlichen Verspätung erhalten. Diese wundervollen Produkte werden in Angeboten und in Aktionen angeboten. Deine Chance auf gute Deals heißen bei uns We made too much Deals oder The Final Few für Modelle die nicht weitergeführt werden.

Version bis 10/2022:
Wir respektieren das Familienleben und die Kapazitäten der Kunsthandwerker. Dies bedeutet, dass unsere Produktionskapazitäten nicht für Aktionstage hochgefahren werden oder wir für ein Lager produzieren. Zusammen mit unseren Partnern aus dem Fachhandel prognostizieren wir die Nachfrage und bestellen erst anschließend die Stoffe bei den Kunsthandwerkern. Mit dieser geschickten Planung vermeiden wir Überkapazitäten und nutzen unsere Ressourcen effizient. Die zeitlosen und traditionellen Designs der Kunsthandwerker unterliegen nicht den saisonalen Zyklen der Modeindustrie.

How many new colors are added to the range each season?

The goal is to bring as many artisans as possible into our circuit and create a lasting global demand for local handicrafts. But the truth is, it takes many visits and material samples to find new artisans whose work meets our quality criteria. We pay the artisans in advance, so an income is assured while they are working - and not after the fabrics have been delivered. So we have to be sure that the agreed quantity and quality of the fabrics will be finished at the agreed time. This has not always been successful in the past. Therefore, we can give no other answer than: as many as possible!

Why are some products always sold out so quickly?

Although we put a lot of energy into optimizing our demand forecast, demand is often greater than supply. The long production times of handmade fabrics mean that we cannot quickly re-produce sold-out products, but have to wait for the next production cycle.

Why can the colors or the cut of a bag be slightly different from the picture in the webshop?

The fabric panels are made and cut differently by hand. This process creates a certain variation, but also exclusivity of the products. Ethnotek bags are not industrial products. Each bag is unique - as unique as the person who wears it.

Are the backpacks and bags waterproof?

Ethnotek bags and backpacks are highly water repellent. With the rain cover they become waterproof against rain and snow.

What do I do if my bag is damaged?

Please contact us and let us check if there is a warranty case. Usually we can repair the damage and you can soon go on the road again.


Who is Jake Orak?

Jake is the founder and mastermind behind Ethnotek. Jake studied industrial design in the US and then worked as an equipment and bag designer for market-leading companies in Europe and Vietnam.

It was on a lonely motorcycle trip through the mountains of Vietnam that he first got the idea to work with traditional and handmade textiles to help preserve the culture of traditional textile manufacturing. From the first fabrics of the Red Hmong from the north of Vietnam and the help of a friend (Mr. Ai), the first backpacks and bags of the company Ethnotek were created in 2011.

Jake is a socially engaged and passionate traveler who is very interested in other countries and cultures. At the same time, he is a professional product designer who has a wealth of experience in bag design. Ethnotek embodies exactly this combination.

Who is Gustavo Trading?

The trading company Gustavo Trading imports Ethnotek products and fully shares the social-entrepreneurial values of Ethnotek. As an official partner of the Ethnotek brand, Gustavo Trading is available for all customer inquiries by email and phone.